• Wed. 11/25 @ 9am

    What software will help you succeed at Brown?

    Your responses to our 2015 Brown Software Survey will help us set priorities for managing Brown's software portfolio.

    Here are just a few of the changes we've made based upon previous survey responses:

  • Thu. 11/19 @ 8am

    Have you ever struggled to find an important email in your overflowing inbox?

    There's a trick that makes searching easier: Gmail's Search Operators.

    What are they? Search operators are words you can use in your email searches to target the search to a particular part of the email. For example you may want to just search the subject, not the entire email. Or, you may be looking for email from a particular person.

  • Wed. 11/11 @ 12pm

    WebEx personal rooms are great for impromptu collaboration.

    If you're a faculty, staff, or student at Brown, you have a "personal room" in your Brown WebEx account. This "room" is a permanent link you can share with others so they can join you online. Just like in a regular WebEx meeting, you can share video from your webcam, audio chat, broadcast your screen, or share a file. But unlike a regular WebEx meeting, you don't need to schedule in advance.

  • Thu. 11/5 @ 4pm

    Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool.

    If you are an enrolled student, you are eligible for a FREE Tableau Desktop license through the Tableau for Students program.

    This is an incredible value as licenses start at $999. It's good for one year and can be renewed as long as you are a full-time enrolled student. 

    Free Tableau Training

  • Thu. 11/5 @ 11am

    Today, almost all Brown students, faculty, and staff have a computer. But in 1969, when our campus was home to only a couple, the mainframe was king.

  • Wed. 11/4 @ 3pm

    Tired of signing out of your Google / Gmail accounts?

    If you use both Brown email and a personal Google account, as many members of the Brown community do, Chrome Profiles are a convenient way to stay logged into both accounts at the same time. You can add each of your accounts in the "People" section of your settings, then keep a browser window open for each account.

    For detailed instructions, see our article Use Chrome with Multiple Google Accounts

  • Fri. 10/30 @ 2pm

    Phishing is scary, and it's getting more realistic every day.

    If you have a email address, you've probably gotten plenty of emails that attempt to scam you out of your Brown username and password (or other personal information). These are known as "phishing" emails.

    Today's example is especially realistic, especially due to the accurate contact information for our IT Service Center. How do we know it's fake? Let's take a look.

  • Fri. 10/30 @ 1pm

    The following list includes technology-related trainings offered by various campus groups.

    As always, we recommend following the links to confirm the time and date in case anything changes. If we missed something, tweet us @ITatBrown or email We will continue to update this list as new events are scheduled.

  • Fri. 10/30 @ 11am

    In October 2015, we had the pleasure of welcoming Michael Dell and Aneel Bhusri as part of the Leadership in Technology series. 

    Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for these events. Recordings of the events are available below.

    Leadership in Technology: A Conversation with Michael Dell

    October 9th, 2015


    Leadership in Technology: A Fireside Chat with Aneel Bhusri

    October 14th, 2015

  • Wed. 10/28 @ 2pm

    When you paste text, unwanted formatting sometimes comes along for the ride.

    If you already use the Paste keyboard shortcut Control+V (PC) or Command+V (Mac), try adding a Shift to paste the text without formatting.

    Paste without Formatting on a Mac  Paste without Formatting on a PC