Office of Information Technology

Zoom Automated Closed Captions Now Enabled

OIT has enabled the global option for automated closed captions in Zoom to improve meeting accessibility and outcomes for everyone. Every user logged in at and hosting a Zoom meeting will be able to activate Zoom automated closed captions before their participants arrive, or upon request from any of the participants. In addition, this means that full Zoom transcripts will be available for meeting participants to view and save.

Zoom automated captions are generated by Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology and are not ADA (Accessibility and Disability Act) compliant. Brown partners with external providers to offer Remote CART when ADA compliant captions are needed.

We encourage you to check your Zoom settings. Please review and adjust them as needed, to make sure they match your individual preferences.

For more information about this new feature in Zoom, see our article Automated Captions in Zoom - FAQ.