Office of Information Technology

OIT Leadership

  • Mark Dieterich

    Chief Information Security Officer

    Mark Dieterich is the Chief Information Security Officer at Brown University. He started his career at Brown in 1997 with the Department of Computer Science, holding a variety of positions until he was finally promoted to Director of IT for the department. In his current role, Mark is responsible for information security architecture and best practices across the University, directing security compliance and risk assessment efforts, leading awareness programs, directing an incident response team, and overseeing the Information Security team. He has a vast technological background, with experience managing and securing many of the software technologies employed at Brown today. Mark’s background includes everything from high level architecture design to low level code debugging, covering a variety of security aspects.

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  • Christopher Keith

    Assistant CIO, Enterprise Applications and Software Engineering

    In his role, Chris oversees the strategic use of software applications and data in support of the
    larger University mission. His group provides services in business intelligence, content
    management systems, custom software development, customer relationship management
    systems, data warehousing, identity management, student systems, and system integrations,
    among others.

    Chris joined Brown in 2007 as the Director of Information Technology for the College. He joined
    OIT in 2014 as Associate Director, Integration and Identity Services. In 2012, Chris completed a
    master of science degree in Computer Science from Brown. Before coming to Providence, Chris
    spent a number of years as an officer in the United States Navy, first as a Naval Flight Officer
    and then as a member of the Information Warfare Community. He graduated from the United
    States Naval Academy in 1998 with a bachelor of science in Computer Science.

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  • Don Rogers

    Assistant CIO, IT Support & Customer Experience

    As the Assistant CIO, IT Support & Customer Experience, Don leads the OIT teams who support the Brown community for their general technical needs. His group includes the IT Service Center, IT Support Consultants, Media Services, Print Services, Hardware Services, Software Services, Endpoint Engineering, and IT Communications. These skilled and helpful teams know what matters to Brown faculty, staff, students and alumni, and are their trusted partners in using technology effectively for teaching, learning, research, and administration.

    Don has supported IT at Brown since 1998, first in the Department of Sociology, followed by the Department of Cognitive and Psychological Sciences. He then joined the Office of Information Technology in 2017. Don graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts in the History of Art. His background includes extensive work in support, communications, service quality, and customer satisfaction in the academic and administrative environments in higher ed.

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  • Paul Stey

    Assistant CIO, Research Software Engineering and Data Science

    As the Assistant CIO, Research Software Engineering and Data Science, Paul oversees support for data-intensive computing, machine learning, informatics, reporting, and analytics through the Data Science Practice team. Prior to Brown, Paul worked as a Mathematical Statistician at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He completed a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at the University of Notre Dame; his undergraduate work was at The Ohio State University. Paul is broadly interested in ensemble methods for machine learning, as well as high-performance computing.

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  • Linnea Wolfe

    Assistant CIO, Infrastructure and Research Computing

    After graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor of science in Management Information Systems and Management Science, Linnea Wolfe worked for four years as a database administrator for government contracting companies supporting the naval Trident submarine program. She came to Brown in 1989 as a database administrator, supporting the Josiah library system. She has held various management positions in the Office of Information Technology in the database, administrative technical services, and infrastructure areas. Her current responsibilities as Assistant CIO include; database services, systems services, datacenter operations, network and telecommunications, and storage, backup and IT Disaster Recovery services. As operating director of the Center for Computing and Visualization, Linnea has responsibility for working closely with the faculty director of CCV to lead the growth of research technologies and support to help faculty researchers compete and succeed in their own fields.

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Advisory Groups

  • The Advisory Council on Computing & Information Technology shall consist of the President, ex officio, and no fewer than fifteen other members. Members shall be appointed by the President for staggered terms of three years each, beginning July 1 and ending June 30. A chairperson shall be designated annually by the President. 
  • The Council shall consider long-term policy and planning issues, strategic directions, and efficacy of implementation concerning Computing & Information Technology and their relationship to the overall educational mission of the University. 
  • Staffing: The Advisory Council on Computing & Information Technology shall be staffed by the Provost and the Chief Information Officer.