Office of Information Technology

Technology Request

When to Initiate a Technology Request


  • Identify a project management tool to purchase for your department
  • Identify a system to replace an existing one that is obsolete, unsupported, or isn't meeting your needs
  • Convert an existing space into a new classroom or meeting room with audiovisual technology
  • Identify to tool to manage the scheduling of shared spaces such as collaboration rooms or hotel workstations


  • Purchase software to detect plagiarism or use of generative AI content
  • Purchase software to remediate documents for accessibility
  • Purchase new software or services for teaching and learning in a course
  • Implement a service ticket management system
  • Implement a chatbot


  • Replace audiovisual equipment in a department space used to teach classes
  • Replace a system to support a Vivarium
  • Replace a system used by an Athletic team
  • Replace a business system used in sales of merchandise, tickets, or services


  • External service for students that requires sharing of student email addresses


  • Engage a consultant to build or upgrade a custom Filemaker application
  • Engage a vendor to complete document remediation for accessibility
  • Engage a developer to create a custom system of any kind

Technology Requests are Not Used for...

  • Routine refresh of single-user devices: computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Routine refresh of media technologies in support of meeting spaces
  • Renewal of software licenses
  • Addition of video security cameras, building panels, etc.
  • Technologies procured through research funds, which should instead follow the IT Contract Review Process

Overview of the Request Process

The OIT Project Management team facilitates collaboration between departments and OIT to manage the governance and delivery of technology solutions.

The technology request process helps departments and individuals procure technology solutions that support their needs in alignment with the University’s architecture, security, risk, and compliance obligations. 

OIT project management process (all text in page below)

Technology Request 

  • Technical scope and dependencies review
  • Resource gaps and project costs identification
  • Initial security review
  • Initial systems integration and architecture review
  • Document and categorize the request for submission to IT Governance 

IT Governance

  • Technology Request review and approval
  • Sequencing of requests
  • Recommend budget location allocation  

Budget Review

  • Sequenced Technology Requests submitted to University leadership for budget approval

Once a Technology Request is funded, the technology solution will be delivered via the IT Project Process.   

IT Project Process

  • Creation of a project plan
  • Project team organization for communications and decision making
  • Technology assessment 
  • Contract, security and architecture reviews (if applicable) 
  • Implementation of technology solution


If you have a question not answered in the FAQ, contact us at

Often, departments trying to get new technology and systems have not had great success at implementation time, because they were not aware of:

  • existing alternative systems,
  • accessibility needs,
  • data security needs,
  • contract risks,
  • added integration costs, and
  • unexpected support requirements.

 Other departments know they need new technology to solve a problem, but they do not know how to find a good solution or what it costs.We can help you assess and identify a good


Here are some examples of technology procurement that can present unexpected problems. The Technology Request process gives you expert help and visibility early in the process, to make sure you avoid issues like these:

  • Buying software for teaching that is not suitable for integration into Brown's Canvas service
  • Hiring a developer to build a custom database that replicates a function about to be released in a University service
  • Signing a contract for a new system without realizing that it requires high-risk sharing of sensitive Brown data with a vendor, without suitable vendor protections in place in the contract
  • Investing in a large new system without considering the staffing required for setting up integrations or providing long-term administration and support

No! As soon as you can articulate the business need, fill out the form and we will talk through available technologies and next steps that would best fit your needs.

Technology Request Intake process (all text included on page)

Project intake (1 week)

During this time OIT will

  • Document and categorize the Technology Request in the OIT portfolio
  • Assign a Project Manager for an initial consultation

Initial consultation (1 week)

During this initial meeting we will work with you to

  • Discuss the “Five Ws”: Who, What, When, Where and Why
  • Clarify details of the Technology Request 
  • Document known dependencies, timeline factors and budget implications
  • Identify stakeholders

Technical and business review (3-6 weeks)

During this time OIT will

  • Assess technical scope and dependencies
  • Assess technical feasibility
  • Identify potential existing solutions
  • Identify resource gaps / project costs
  • Perform portion of security review against Brown’s security standards
  • Perform initial systems architecture review
  • Business analysis

Intake completion (1 week)

During this time OIT will

  • Contact you with next steps and timeline
  • Queue up the Technology Request for IT governance review

Technology requests will be reviewed by IT governance committees and senior leaders to determine project sequencing.