Office of Information Technology

Secure IT: Mobile Devices

OIT newest "Secure IT Quick Course" helps you protect your mobile devices.

Person looking at a phone held in front of their faceMobile devices today have the same functionality, complexity and risks as a computer but with the additional risks of being mobile and easy to lose or steal.

In four very brief lessons, OIT's mini-course Secure IT: Mobile Devices (accessed in Workday Learning) will provide you with the information you need to protect your devices, such as using remote wipe functionality, choosing safe apps, and avoiding excessive permissions. It includes a mobile rescue mini-game and five actions you can take right now to secure your devices -- all in under ten minutes. Simply click on the link above, then the Enroll button to get started.

The course is part of OIT's Secure IT series, which will present key information security concepts to protect both you and Brown. We'd appreciate any feedback you have on this course, which you can send to