Office of Information Technology

New Look for Duo Two-Step Authentication Prompt

Starting March 19, the Duo Two-Step Authentication prompt for Brown services will have a new look.

To enhance security of sensitive data at Brown, OIT will implement Duo's modern "Universal Prompt," which provides a simplified experience and faster application login. 

Besides the updated look of the prompt, the way it works will also have a noticeable difference. When you sign in to a web service with Duo, your web browser will automatically redirect to a Two-Step Authentication page hosted by Duo, where you will be able to complete your verification. After a successful authentication, you will be redirected back to the service you were trying to access. 

The Duo Universal Prompt will continue to support a range of Two-Step options that you can choose from, including a push notification via the Duo Mobile app, a passcode via text message, or a phone call. OIT strongly recommends the use of the Duo Mobile app, which is freely available for smartphones and tablets.

The recommended browser for Duo is Chrome, because of its widest compatibility, but you may also use Edge, Firefox and Safari. Other browsers may not support all Duo authentication methods. If you use a browser that does not support Duo Universal Prompt, you will be shown the Duo traditional experience instead. 

To see examples of this new Duo Two-Step Authentication experience, please review the Two-Step Verification for Brown Accounts article.