Office of Information Technology

IT Support Consultants Service Level Agreement

1. Introduction

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the services and service levels that the IT Support Consultant (ITSC) program provides Brown University departments. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of both ITSC and the customer departments. The SLA will be reviewed and modified, where appropriate, on an annual basis.

2. Description of Service


ITSC provides ongoing support to departments for a variety of services. The services and support levels are described in the service catalog posted on the Web ( As new services are added, or existing services modified, the website is updated and communicated via email to our customers.

Requirements for Service

Departments must fulfill the following responsibilities in order for ITSC to meet the service levels defined in this agreement.

Departmental Contact

Departments can assign an on-site departmental contact for ITSC. The contact would serve as the departmental liaison with ITSC.

Customer Responsibilities

 In support of this agreement, customers must:

  • Use the defined processes for requesting help and services,
  • Notify the ITSC staff in a timely manner about requests,
  • Respond to ITSC staff inquiries in a professional and timely manner, and
  • Provide ITSC staff any requested information necessary to conduct work.

3. ITSC Hours

Standard Support

Normal Business Hours for all Brown University Employees:

 Monday through Friday, standard University business hours.

After-Hours please email

For critical issues that compromise the ability of the department to respond to users, meet important deadlines, etc.  We will make a best-effort to contact you and offer advice, but full service from the team may not be possible.

4. How to Request Service

Customers should contact ITSC to report problems with services, hardware, and software. ITSC support may be obtained in any of the ways listed below.

  1. For all computing issues (configuration changes, software installation, new computer set-up, etc) please contact your assigned ITSC directly.  Your ITSC will set up an appointment with you at a mutually convenient time.
  2. For immediate problems (i.e., critical problems that require resolution within 2 hours) and your ITSC is unavailable, please send an email to You can also contact your ITSC’s Lead (contact information below).

ITSC departments are always welcome to call the IT Service Center at x3-4357 for brief questions regarding common applications (Word, Excel, etc.).

5. ITSC Response Process

Once service is requested, please keep in mind the following:

  • Responses are provided during normal business hours.
  • Devices must be on-site for ITSC to provide support.
  • Problems may be resolved remotely via our Desktop Management Tools.
  • Time-frames represent a best effort; delays may occur when products must be ordered or vendors engaged.
  • Problems caused by issues not within ITSC’s control, such as building electrical failures, will be addressed as quickly as possible but are not held to the response time-frame.
  • ITSC departments should check the Information Technology at Brown website for information about service outages. 

6. ITSC Services

All ITSC services are available only to department-owned devices:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Virus/malware removal
  • Software installation/removal
  • New device purchasing & setup
  • Re-imaging & upgrades of existing devices (where applicable)
  • Device inventory management
  • Technology planning
  • Manage computer clusters

Conditionally, if ITSC is handling purchasing of equipment for the department (e.g., laptops, smartphones, etc.), ITSC staff are responsible for providing specs and quotes within the established response time-frame. The purchase approval is handled by the department.  Once approval is granted, ITSC staff will handle the purchasing of equipment through the appropriate channels. The timing of equipment delivery is outside ITSC’s control.

Appendix A: 

Prioritization Guidelines and Response Time-frame

ITSC prioritizes service requests using the following general guidelines but tries to respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

High Priority:

A single customer is affected by a problem but is unable to work at all.  Services are unavailable to multiple people within the department.  If a workaround exists, we will recommend appropriate steps as an interim solution until the problem/issue is fully resolved.

Response Time-frame:

  • Problem acknowledged: within 1 hour.
  • Problem resolved: within 4 hours, provided the customer provides the necessary information, and barring circumstances outside ITSC’s control.

Medium Priority:

A single customer is affected by a problem but is still able to work, or there are problems with a service but it is still functional.

Response Time-frame:

  • Problem acknowledged: within 4 hours.
  • Problem resolved: within 24 hours, provided the customer provides the necessary information, and barring circumstances outside ITSC’s control.

Low Priority:

Requests, including routine or maintenance tasks.

Response Time-frame:

  • Request acknowledged: within 4 hours
  • Request resolved: within 2 days, provided the customer provides the necessary information, and barring circumstances outside ITSC’s control

Appendix B: 


If a problem is not resolved expeditiously, the customer may escalate the problem to the following Leads and Director:

Tatum Ponte, Lead IT Support Consultant
(for: Patricia Kinghorn, Jason Jacques, Peter Mello, Jim Dorian, Sherie Josephson)

  • Office Phone: 401-863-1146
  • Cell Phone: 401-225-8327
  • E-mail: 

Suzie Nacar, Lead IT Support Consultant
(for: Cindy Jardin, Ron McKay, Dave Brown, Isaac Suon)

  • Office Phone: 401-863-9252
  • Cell Phone: 401-369-5659
  • E-mail: 

Kate Monteiro, Lead IT Support Consultant
(for: Al Coulombe, Geoffrey Moran, Jack Beggs, Gary Bryson, Jesse Coutu)

  • Office Phone: 401-863-9231
  • Cell Phone: 401-489-4301
  • E-mail: 

Obasi Osborne, Lead IT Support Consultant
(for: Eric Scantlebury, Steve Vallot, Roberto Lorenzo, Joe Vang)

  • Office Phone: 401-863-7391
  • Cell Phone: 401-451-4234
  • E-mail: 

Donald Rogers, Associate Director, IT Service Center

  • Office Phone: 863-7319
  • E-mail: