Computing Policies

Computing Policy for Brown University

The following documents are official policies of Brown University that are related to computing issues. They have been adopted to ensure an equitable, appropriate, and legal use of Brown resources. You are therefore responsible for having reviewed the listed policies and for complying with their requirements. Violation of a computing-related policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or termination.

In order for policies to be officially approved and published as final, they must go through a formal policy review process. Should the need arise to have a policy published before the process is complete, the document will be published as an interim policy while the process is completed. See the policy review schedule for a listing of the review cycle for each policy and when it is next slated for review.

Policies, Guidelines, Position Papers & Standards Effective Date Last Reviewed
Acceptable Use Policy
   » Acceptable Use: Examples
August, 2003 June, 2014
Alumni Email Account Management Policy November, 2012 Effective Date
Attribute Release Policy: Web Single Sign-On ARP
   » Attribute Release Defaults for Web SSO ARP
May, 2011 June, 2014
Brown Restricted Information, Policy on the Handling of
   » Information to Comply with the Policy on Handling BRI
   » Social Security Number – Usage and Protection Procedures
   » Data Protection Roles and Responsibilities
   » ISG Position Paper: Use of Dropbox
   » Checklist for Protecting Brown Information
   » Confidentiality Agreement Template
   » Lost/Stolen/Compromised Device Report Form: Word Doc | PDF
April, 2012 May, 2014
Bulk Email Guidelines December, 2002 February, 2004
CIRT (Computing Incident Response Team) Authority Policy & Charge August, 2004 March, 2014
Computing Accounts Management Policy May, 2005 March, 2014
Computing Passwords Policy May, 2005 August, 2009
Copyright Infringement Policy
   » Copyright & Brown's Compliance w/ Higher Education Opportunity Act ('08)
   » Copyright & Fair Use Resource Page
   » Copyright FAQ for Undergraduates
   » Copyright FAQ for Graduate Students
   » Use P2P Filesharing Software Safely & Legally (inc. online music & movie alternatives)
July, 2003 July, 2015
Electronic Equipment Disposition Policy
   » Data Removal Recommendations
July, 2004 March, 2014
Electronic Mail Policy
   » About Google at Brown
   » Gmail Documentation & Support (limits, security)
   » Computing Privileges
May, 2007 January, 2014
Emergency Access to Accounts and Information May, 2007 July, 2013
Google Apps for Education (Terms of Service for Use of) September, 2009 July, 2014
Network Connection Policy
   » Guidelines for Extension of Network Services
   » Security Standard: Multi-Function Network Devices - PDF | HTML
March, 2004 April, 2012
Social Media Guidelines (developed and owned by Office of Communications)
   » Guidelines for Institutional Use
   » Guidelines for Personal Use
   » Best Practices for Social Media Site Managers
- - - - - -
Telecommunications Services Policy
   » Voicemail Policy
August, 2004
August, 2013
April, 2012
Effective Date
Web Publishing Documents
   » Web Publishing Best Practices
   » Web Publishing Servers, access to via Non-Brown IP (ISG Position Paper)
   » Wiki Service Definition
   » Wiki Usage Policy
- - - Pending Review
Related Standards and Procedural Documents
Computing Accounts & Passwords Office :: Administrative Accounts Policy & Procedure
Email Accounts :: Alternate Email Address Requirements | myAccount
Electronic Services Access :: Computing Privileges
Desktop Services: Microsoft Software
Desktop Services: Standard Computer Configurations
Administrative Applications and System Access Online Forms (CAP)
Information Provider Agreement (Web Publishing)