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Effective Date June 1, 2015
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Computing Privileges: Access to Electronic Services


Access to electronic services varies slightly depending on the type of association with Brown University.


Students are granted access to all electronic services, which includes storage space for email and documents (Drive) in their Google Apps account. Note that this also applies to periods when on leave or upon some types of terminations.

How long services are maintained depends upon the reasons for separation from Brown, and if applicable, what is known about the projected readmission date.

In mid-June—or, for December completers, early January—Brown accounts are renamed to addresses. Google accounts continue to include existing email messages, email contacts, calendar, documents, and sites. Mail sent to addresses will continue be be delivered to graduating students mailboxes for three months, after which time, the addresses no longer work and messages sent to that address bounce. Read Learn about Lifetime Brown Email for Alumni for complete details.

The length of time services are maintained depends upon the projected readmission term.

  1. Generally, a student will maintain electronic services until the second week of the returning term (either 2/15 or 9/25). This assures that electronic privileges will be maintained for a reasonable time, for students on leave but expected to return.
  2. A student going on leave to study elsewhere, who does not intend to return but will complete their degree with the credit earned away, has a grace period of one year as of the separation date.
  3. An active student who is supposed to readmit will continue to have electronic services for a reasonable period, which depends on when in the calendar year they leave. For students who currently have privileges and leave:
    • During January or February, they will have services until 2/15 of the current year;
    • During the period of July through September, they will have services until 9/25 of the current year;
    • If this occurs during some other time of the year, they will maintain access until whatever their current expiration date is set to.
  4. Otherwise, if the student has not declared a projected readmission term, their services will expire one year from their separated date.

These students will have electronic services until 2/15 or 9/25, whichever corresponds to the term following their separated date.

Services are expired on the current date.

Services are extended for three years year from separated date for undergraduate students, and for one year for medical and graduate students.

Services are extended to 9/25 of the year following separated date.

If the special student's last term is valid and a future date, i.e., later than the current active term, then the expiration date is either 2/15 or 9/25, whichever is the term following separated date. Otherwise services will lapse the day the student is no longer active.


Faculty and staff are to be afforded all electronic services while they are actively associated with Brown University, including during leaves with or without pay. Faculty and staff have access to storage space for email in their Google Apps account.

Upon permanently leaving Brown, a staff member's services are discontinued the business day following their last day of work. Faculty (both campus-based and medical) retain electronic services for six months.

Affiliated Personnel

It is recognized that work requirements for those who are affiliated with Brown, though not directly in its employ, may necessitate access to electronic services. Some categories of these affiliates are granted access by default. For those who do not fall within these categories, a request may be submitted along with the Brown Card ID request, including explanation of the need.

For details on these categories and their access, contact the Help Desk's office of Computing Accounts and Passwords (CAP) (or 3-4357). To request a Brown ID, contact the Brown Card Office at (or 3-2273). See also: Request a Brown Account for an Affiliate and Request a Sponsored ID.

Affiliates retain services until their end date.

Shared Mailboxes

Recognized departments and groups may establish special departmental mailing addresses, such as OIT_Prodservices or Brown_Band. Consult the Shared Mailbox services page for more details including how to request this service.