Office of Information Technology

The Phish Bowl


Phish BowlThe Phish Bowl ( was created as the one spot to check for phish. If you receive or are unsure about one, check the Phish Bowl for the latest alerts. If it's there, no need to report it. If not, forward it to It will be added so others are aware of it.

By simplifying the process -- one place to check, and one email address to contact -- everyone's life should be a little less confusing, a bit easier. And safer. Here are the basics:

  • If you received one and do not see it in the Phish Bowl, please forward it to (after stripping off any attachments) so that the phishing email can be added to the page.
  • If you received the same email but from a different Brown address than shown, please forward it to us so that we can attend to the new compromise.
  • If you received one already posted, report it as phishing to the Gmail team (from within the message, click on the down arrow to the right of the REPLY button and select "Report phishing") or simply delete it.
  • Please note that the Phish Bowl account is actively monitored during regular business hours and periodically at other times.

How to Spot, Protect Yourself and Recover from Phishing