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May 11, 2021
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Notice of personal information processing. (This is not an advertisement) [ZoomInfo]

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[This notice has been updated at the request of ZoomInfo to remove references to its messages being classified as "spam".] 

ZoomInfo is not related to the web conferencing tool, Zoom, and is instead a "sales intelligence" business that collects, processes and sells personal data it harvests online to third parties who use it to cultivate new leads.

Their Privacy Policy, which explains how they collect, maintain and manage the information they collect, is mentioned in the example of a reported email from ZoomInfo copied below.

While ZoomInfo is a legitimate company, it has been rated negatively by the Better Business Bureau, and is the subject of multiple lawsuits and other complaints concerning how it collects, uses and sells personal data, which may then be leveraged by third parties to create highly specific phishing emails. We advise you to consider how your data will be collected and used before sharing it with this company.

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Subject: Notice of personal information processing. (This is not an advertisement)

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Personal Information Notice

This notice is to inform you of the collection, processing, and sale of certain personal information or personal data about you ("personal information"). ZoomInfo is a provider of contact and business personal information regarding business professionals for direct marketing purposes. Our customers are businesses trying to reach business professionals for sales and marketing and recruiting. You can opt out of our database if you want to; the best way to do so is to visit our Privacy Center at, or send us an email at At the Privacy Center you can also submit an access request or review our privacy policy. Please continue reading below for more information about the information we collect, how we gather it, and how it is used and shared.

Categories of Personal Information Processed
ZoomInfo profiles business organizations and the executives and professionals who work for those organizations. We may have any or all of the following categories of personal information about you, past or current:

Office Address
Telephone Number
Email Address
Job Title
Job Function and Responsibilities
Social Media URL

Purpose of Processing
ZoomInfo processes this information for direct marketing purposes and for purposes of organizing and making available business contact information to our customers. The information may be licensed to our customers for their sales, marketing, or recruiting purposes, or to other organizations who may license it to their customers for the same purposes ("partners"). The information is provided to customers or partners subject to restrictive license agreements that limit the use to those specified purposes and prohibits the unauthorized use or transfer of the information. ZoomInfo's customers may obtain the information via password protected account-based access to our database. Our customers, or those of our partners, may use the information to market their services to your employer or to contact you about professional opportunities.

Certain limited personal information may also be made publicly available in our directory pages (“directory pages”), which are publicly available on our website. The categories of personal information that may be made publicly available include past or current name, company, company headquarters telephone number, office address, job title, and/or education. ZoomInfo processes this information for purposes of promoting our products.

Lawful Basis
ZoomInfo's processing of your personal information is based on the legitimate interest of itself and its customers to engage in direct marketing, and ZoomInfo’s legitimate interests to organize and make available business contact information and to promote our products, given the limited impact of this data on an individual’s private life and that this information, unlike personal contact details, is widely disclosed.

This personal information may be provided, subject to restrictive license agreements, to ZoomInfo's customers, its partners, or the customers of its partners. These recipients are business organizations who are permitted to use the information only for lawful sales, marketing, and recruiting. The substantive terms of ZoomInfo's license agreements may be reviewed at

The limited personal information in our directory pages, as described above, may be provided to anyone who visits our directory pages on our website.

ZoomInfo endeavors to provide the most accurate information possible to its customers. We seek to verify the accuracy of our information as frequently as possible and to remove information that we learn to be inaccurate. Thus, we intend to process the information we have about you for so long as it is accurate or until you instruct us to refrain from processing it.

Your Rights
You have the right to request that ZoomInfo (1) provide you with access to your personal information, (2) rectify or correct your personal information, (3) erase your personal information, or (4) restrict processing of your personal information, including refraining from selling it or otherwise providing it to any third parties. You also have the right to object to processing, to data portability, and to lodge a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority in your country, if any. The foregoing rights may be subject to certain limitations pursuant to applicable law.

Sources of Personal Information
ZoomInfo gathers personal information from several sources, which include publicly available sources such as websites and government records, contributions from our customers, third party data providers, or through telephone interviews. Because information from several sources may be combined into one record, it may be difficult or impossible to identify the exact source of one particular piece of information.

Additional Information
For more detailed information regarding our privacy practices, you can review our privacy policy at

Who We Are
ZoomInfo is ZoomInfo Technologies LLC, and we are located at 805 Broadway St, Suite 900, Vancouver, WA 98660. We can be reached at or by phone at 833-901-0859. ZoomInfo is a registered data broker in the State of California.


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