• Thu. 2/26 @ 2pm

    As always, we recommend following the links to confirm the time and date in case anything changes. If we missed something, tweet us @ITatBrown or email

  • Tue. 2/17 @ 5pm

    It is the fourth week of the Spring semester and it feels like we are just starting. This winter has been especially disruptive for teaching. Two snow days; some of us had to cancel class as you could not travel; some of us braved the storm but had to contend with less than usual attendance.

  • Sat. 1/24 @ 4pm

    CIS has been notifying individuals who need to update their Brown passwords. This is to ensure all Brown accounts meet the new, stricter password requirements.


  • Tue. 1/20 @ 4pm

    As Brown prepares to participate and celebrate in International Data Privacy Month, I’d like to briefly write about one of the hot buzzwords of 2014: privacy. I could make this memo private by writing it, saving it, encrypting it and not telling anyone about it.  But some things are meant to be shared, and this is one of them.

  • Tue. 1/20 @ 1pm

    Here is the latest issue of Secure IT! We invite you to peruse this issue and send us ideas for future ones.

  • Thu. 1/15 @ 10am

    ISG invites you to a month-long focus on privacy this February, starting with the screening of The Human Face of Big Data on 2/4. Other events include the Brown Bag The Evolution of Privacy & Why It Matters to You, and a showing of the documentary Rise of the Hackers. Complete details can be found at

  • Tue. 1/6 @ 10am

    Happy 2015! Here are some tech resolutions to give your new year a good start. 

    1. Change your passwords, especially your Brown password, as we are in the midst of a password change campaign! Not sure where to start? Afraid you'll forget a complex password? We have some great tips at

  • Sat. 12/20 @ 9am

    Making travel plans? They should includes these tips for keeping your mobile device safe when away from home, especially when traveling outside of the U.S.  Remember: an ounce of prevention now can save a pound of trouble later.

  • Tue. 12/9 @ 3pm

    Earlier this week, Residential Life and CIS announced an improved IPTV service for residential undergraduates starting January 5th (edited to add: it was made availble early, on December 22nd!). Here are some of the exciting features:

    • Works wirelessly anywhere on campus: will no longer require an ethernet cable

    • More channels: over 20 additional channels for a total of 60 (see channel list)

  • Mon. 12/1 @ 12pm

    Check out these tech workshops and events during the month of December. Did we miss anything? Tweet us @ITatBrown or email