• Tue. 10/22 @ 3pm

    Apple has just made its new operating system, Mavericks, available as a free download. If you're eager to upgrade your Mac laptop or desktop, we recommend waiting for about a week so CIS can test compatibility with Brown's services. Mavericks is not yet supported by CIS. Next week, we will send another Morning Mail listing Brown services and their compatibility with Mavericks.

  • Fri. 10/11 @ 4pm

    On October 15th, Ada Lovelace day, Brown is hosting a wiki edit-a-thon to increase the amount of information about women in science on Wikipedia. Find out more, including how to get involved, at the links below. The event is co-sponsored by Wikimedia New England, Brown's Program in Science and Technology Studies, the Pembroke Center, and the Brown Science Center.

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  • Fri. 10/11 @ 9am

    Please join us as Art Salomon shares his award winning Biology course in the first of the Academic Technology Showcase series luncheons. His latest string of technology usages includes: monitoring the test taking environment, Lecture Capture, a YouTube Channel, an in class discussion channel, a facebook group, and to top it off, an amazing exam turn around time.

  • Tue. 10/1 @ 3pm

    October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a time set aside to heighten awareness of online threats and how to protect yourself, your computer or device, personal information, identity, bank account and/or reputation.

  • Fri. 9/27 @ 1pm

    When you're sitting on top, you have a great view of others. The downside is, you're now easy to spot and make a better and more tempting target.

    As Android's popularity has risen*, so has its attractiveness to hackers. This is akin to underdog Firefox becoming the favored alternative to Internet Explorer when the latter was under seige, and then the hackers turning their sights on the more visible Firefox.

  • Fri. 9/27 @ 12pm

    Do you like spam?  Of course I’m talking about unsolicited bulk mail, and not the canned food.  That could be a whole other message, which perhaps I’ll address in a future memo. I have a feeling that no one answered yes to my question. No one likes electronic spam, and yet we need to learn to live with it, as it will continue to direct itself to our in-boxes.

  • Fri. 9/27 @ 11am

    As of October 3rd, the Information Security Group will be located on Brown's main campus in the 169 Angell building, accessed from the entrance on Angell, opposite the Brown Bookstore/Bank of America entrance.

  • Fri. 9/27 @ 11am

    Identity Finder LogoIf you are new to Brown or missed ISG's earlier announcements, we recommend that you install and run Identity Finder, a useful addition to anyone's security toolkit.

  • Thu. 9/26 @ 2pm

    Brown faculty, staff, and graduate students can now install the latest version of Endnote, which no longer requires KeyAccess or a VPN connection when off-campus. Download EndNote X7 from the Software Catalog

  • Wed. 9/18 @ 3pm

    A few people have noticed the RSS links on the top of our Announcements and Alerts pages and asked what RSS is and how to subscribe to it. RSS (which stands for "Really Simple Syndication") is a standard way to format dated content such as blog posts or newspaper articles. It's helpful to format these in a standard way so they can be understood by other applications such as a news reader phone app.