About IT at Brown


IT at Brown consists of:

  • a centralized IT department, The Office of Information Technology
  • several larger departments with their own IT groups
  • distributed IT professionals in academic and administrative departments

The Office of Information Technology (OIT)

OIT is the centralized computing department at Brown, with over 180 staff. OIT supports over 120 services.

DCCs and SysAdmins

Some departments have departmental computing staff such as Departmental Computing Coordinators (DCCs) or SysAdmins.

Departmental IT Groups

Several larger departments have internal IT groups, including:

  • Advancement
  • BioMed
  • Center for Computation and Visualization
  • Division of Campus Life and Student Services
  • Facilities
  • University Library

Advisory Groups

  • IT Advisory Board (ITAB)
  • Community Technology Consortium (CTC)
  • Council on Computing and Information Technology (ACCIT)

For more information about these groups, see our Advisory Groups page.

Careers in IT at Brown

Brown job opportunities are listed at careers.brown.edu