On-Site Support

Need assistance in your department? Most departments receive on-site assistance in one of these ways:

IT Support Consultant (ITSC) Team

For participating departments, ITSC provides a dedicated group of IT support consultants to serve academic and administrative departments. These IT support consultants provide desktop support, problem resolution, and management of departmental hardware and software inventory.

DCC (Department Computing Coordinators)

Some departments hire their own dedicated Departmental Computing Coordinators (DCCs). Usually the DCC has many functions within their department, of which computer support is a fraction of their daily tasks. The role of a DCC depends upon the skills and specialization of the Coordinator involved, the needs of the individual department and the time that the appointed Coordinator has available to devote to the task.

Departmental IT Groups

Several larger departments have their own IT groups, such as Advancement, Bio Med, Engineering, Facilities. These groups provide extensive support to members of their departments.