Remote CART (Live Captioning)

CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) is also known as “open captions” or “live captioning.”  A trained operator transcribes spoken speech into written text. Speech to text software is used when voice writers provide CART.

Remote CART is a real-time text service that allows a student or event attendee to read what is being said in the classroom or event space on an installed display, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. Some people may refer to Remote CART as live captioning. 

Request this Service

Requests for Remote CART are processed by the provider in conjunction with Media Services.

Fees for Remote CART

There is no cost for course-related requests, which are managed directly through the SEAS office.


If part of a Brown event, Remote CART fee for service will include:

  1. Fee for DSU or Partners Interpreting paid directly to the vendor.

  2. Media Services fee:

    1. Rooms that are media-ready: Media Services will charge a 1 hour set-up fee ($85.)

    2. Rooms where a Media Services technician needs to setup and stay: Media Services will charge a 1 hour setup fee and the regular fee for service for the duration of the event.  

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