Remote CART (Live Captioning)

CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) is also known as “open captions” or “live captioning.”  A trained operator transcribes spoken speech into written text. Speech to text software is used when voice writers provide CART.

Remote CART is a real-time text service that allows a student or event attendee to read what is being said in the classroom or event space on an installed display, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. Some people may refer to Remote CART as live captioning. 

Request this Service

  • Students and faculty who need Remote CART for courses should contact Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS) at

  • Departments hosting a live event that needs Remote CART should request this service using the Remote CART for Events request form ( The request is received and processed by the Remote CART provider and by Media Services.

Fees for Remote CART

There is no cost for course-related requests, which are managed directly through the SEAS office.


If part of a Brown event, Remote CART fee for service will include:

  1. Fee for Partners Interpreting (Brown preferred vendor), paid directly to the vendor.

  2. Media Services fee:

    1. Rooms that are media-ready: Media Services will charge a 1 hour set-up fee ($85.)

    2. Rooms where a Media Services technician needs to setup and stay: Media Services will charge a 1 hour setup fee and the regular fee for service for the duration of the event.  

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