LastPass Premium

LastPast Premium is a password manager for storing, retrieving, and managing complex passwords for use with your personal (non-Brown) accounts. Like LastPass Enterprise it stores passwords and other login information and automatically enters them to log you into your personal online accounts.

It also helps prevent:

  • The need to remember multiple passwords.
  • Poor password behavior such as low complexity or using one password for multiple sites.
  • Attacks like keystroke logging.

Unlike LastPass Free, LastPass Premium is a renewable paid subscription plan that gives you access to all the free features of LastPass like a secure Vault, autofill on sites and in apps, password sharing, and free syncing across devices – plus Premium features including:

  • Security Dashboard & Security Score
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Emergency Access
  • One-to-Many Sharing
  • 1 GB File Storage Using Secure Notes
  • Advanced Multi-factor Authentication Options

Please Note: Existing LastPass Premium accounts set up as a Family Plan are not covered by Brown's Premium service. A Family Plan would need to be canceled to obtain Brown's free Premium account.

Must be a member of the Brown community with an active or account.

No cost

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