LastPass Premium

LastPast Premium is a password manager for storing, retrieving, and managing complex passwords for use with your personal (non-Brown) accounts. Like LastPass Enterprise it stores passwords and other login information and automatically enters them to log you into your personal online accounts.

It also helps prevent:

  • The need to remember multiple passwords.
  • Poor password behavior such as low complexity or using one password for multiple sites.
  • Attacks like keystroke logging.

LastPass Premium is a renewable subscription plan offered at no cost to Brown faculty, staff and students while at Brown.

After leaving Brown:

  • Faculty and Staff have the option to continue using it as a premium subscription for $40 per year after leaving the University.
  • Students can continue to use it once they acquire their address and will be able to renew it annually at no cost.

Unlike LastPass Free, it not only provides access to all the free features of LastPass – like a secure Vault, autofill on sites and in apps, password sharing, and free syncing across devices – but also Premium features including:

  • Security Dashboard & Security Score
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Emergency Access
  • One-to-Many Sharing
  • 1 GB File Storage Using Secure Notes
  • Advanced Multi-factor Authentication Options

Please Note: Existing LastPass Premium accounts set up as a Family Plan are not covered by Brown's Premium service. A Family Plan would need to be canceled to obtain Brown's free Premium account.

Must be a member of the Brown community with an active or account.

No cost

Available for