LastPass Enterprise

LastPast is a password manager. A password manager is a software application that stores, retrieves, and manages complex passwords. Password managers store passwords in an encrypted format. They store login information and automatically enter them to log into online accounts.

A password manager makes your internet experience easier and safer. Having a strong, unique password for every online account improves your online security.

LastPass helps prevent:

  • The need to remember multiple passwords.

  • Poor password behavior such as low complexity or using one password for multiple sites.

  • Attacks like keystroke logging.

LastPass provides:

  • Complete management of passwords

  • Generation of complex passwords

  • Tracking of password aging requirements

  • Access from anywhere - web, desktop, mobile

  • Simplified logins

  • Ability to securely share passwords with others… but only when necessary

  • Calculation of password security score

  • Monitoring of the “dark web” for known security breaches

Visit the the LastPass FAQ for tips as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Staff can use a LastPass Enterprise account to store all Brown-related passwords. Staff can also access a free personal account to store their personal (non-Brown) passwords.

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