Closed Captioning for Digital Content

Brown’s Closed Captioning service is used to provide accessible content for all members of our community.  Captions can be added to Brown videos, including those of courses and events. Any video that will be widely distributed or featured on Brown’s website should be captioned, as should course videos when requested by students or faculty members for reasons of accessibility.

Standard turnaround for verified captions is 4 business days for course content. Faster service is available to meet accessibility requirements. 

Publically available videos will be posted with machine generated captions which will be replaced with verified human generated captions within 7 business days.

If you require transcription for use cases unrelated to accessibility, please contact

Request this Service

  • Students who need closed captioning for course content should contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

  • Professors  producing their own content for teaching and learning should upload their content to the Canvas Media Library and request human closed captions by emailing

  • Departments hosting a recorded event that needs captioning should contact the  Office of University Communications or connect with University Events and Media Services during the planning phase of their event.

  • Departments that produce a lot of video and need to make extensive use of closed captioning should contact

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