BrownSites Content Management System

BrownSites is the easy-to-use content management system for Brown University websites that takes advantage of best practices in web design. BrownSites:

  • is Web-based.  You don't need special software, it works with any web browser.
  • Looks and Feels like the new Brown University website.
  • allows for use of Multimedia.  Just drop the URL of your video/slideshow anywhere into the body of your page.
  • pulls in Calendar Events from
  • shares News with an optional news feed: let users subscribe to your news.
  • has Public & Draft modes: preview changes instantly, publish when ready.
  • tracks Page Revisions. Revert back to a previous page versions easily.
  • has Roles for Reviewers, Contributors, and Editors. Make colleagues "Contributors" to draft content, "Reviewers" to see drafted content, or "Editors" to publish updates.
  • core files are Upgraded and Maintained regularly by the WebServices team. No need to upgrade software, WebServices does it!
  • gains New Features regularly. As WebServices rolls out new widgets, modules, and features, they'll be available to sites.
  • has Flexibility and Robustness to Customize. You can contract WebServices to add online directories, resources, applications, slideshows, and almost anything you can dream up to your site.

Request this Service

  • Staff / Departments / Medical School Student Groups: The person who will manage the site should complete the request form.  The form has options to tell WebServices if you think your BrownSite will require custom work.
  • Student Groups: Registered and active student groups may request a StudentOrg BrownSite. The person who will manage site should complete the student request form. The Student Activities Office processes requests and will follow up with you if they have questions. 

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