BrownGroups makes it easy to maintain lists of people in a department and to use those lists across many applications such as email, scheduling, Google, Canvas, Drive, etc. Departmental groups are automatically updated with the latest information from Workday and can be customized to include other people who contribute to a department's efforts.

Benefits of BrownGroups include:

  • Easy user interface
  • Lists automatically maintained and refreshed with organizational data
  • Customize by adding users to meet unique department needs
  • Ability to remove users that have been manually added
  • Easily assign administrator privileges to others in department
  • Use customized lists to send email, schedule events, share resources, grant access, etc.

Request this Service

To become a BrownGroups administrator for your department, ask your department's Departmental Identity Administrator, who is usually the department manager. The Department Identity Administrator can add you to the GroupsAdmins group so you can access the service. If you aren't sure who this person is, you can contact the IT Service Center.

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