Repairs for Personal Equipment (Student, Faculty, Staff)

Repairs for personal computers and devices (such as phones and tablets) are provided by the Brown Bookstore Tech Center for a fee. 

Repairs for Brown-Owned Equipment (Faculty, Staff)

Repairs for supported Brown-owned computers and devices are provided by our Service and Repair team. Please contact your IT Support Consultant or DCC to help coordinate hardware repairs & exchanges with

Current Hours of Operation for Drop-off and Pick-up at Service and Repair, 200 Dyer Street

  • Monday-Thursday: 10:00am - 3:00pm
  • Friday: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Please note: Equipment being sent for repair must be made accessible for repair staff, otherwise repair times will be slower.  Disable any non-Brown device encryption, disable find my iPhone, and always back up your data in advance. Your IT Support Consultant/DCC can help you make sure your device is prepped correctly in advance.

Computer Repairs

  • What's covered? Dell or Apple computers purchased less than four years before the time of service, for which parts are still available from the manufacturer.
  • What's not covered? Older machines or other models. Computer accessories (external storage drives, cables, etc.). Damage from user negligence, e.g. liquid spills, drops, and use of invalid media. Memory and other hardware upgrades, including other computer consumables such as batteries (you would be charged for parts, but not labor).
  • What if my computer repair is not covered? Older or non-standard computers will be repaired if time and materials are available, and charged according to our computer repair fees. A departmental account number will be necessary before work starts. In instances where the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the machine, the departmental representative will be advised to purchase new hardware. Departments unable to do so may be offered operational surplus equipment in lieu of repairs, if such equipment is available.

Mobile Devices

  • Service and Repair is not able to repair any mobile phones or tablets onsite. This equipment is sent out to vendors and normally replaced. Please check with your ITSC or DCC to coordinate with Telecom (3-2007) to find out more about options for replacement/exchange.

Printer Repair

  • What's covered? HP printers purchased less than four years before the time of service, for which parts are still available from the manufacturer. 
  • What involves a fee? Printer parts requiring replacement due to normal wear and tear including consumables such as; toner, ink cartridges, user replaceable print heads, Fuser Kits (fusers, rollers), Transfer Kits (belts, rollers), and Toner Collection Units. Damage caused by the use of Non-OEM Toners is not covered. The cost of these parts and labor will be the responsibility of the department.
  • What if my printer repair is not covered? Repairs will be charged according to the fees below.


Brown-Owned Computer and Printer Repair Fees

Computer Diagnosis/Repair - Supported Equipment No charge
Computer Diagnosis/Repair - Unsupported Equipment $75 per hour
Non-Repair Labor Rate (Setups/Machine Prep/Etc) $75 per hour
Pickup/Delivery No charge during standard pickup and delivery days
On-site Repairs No charge during standard on-site days
Priority Service $100

Service Options

  • In-Shop - Equipment can be brought to the IT Service Center
  • Pickup - This service is available for desktop CPUs, monitors, and printers. We will pick up the equipment from your office on scheduled days and deliver it when the repair is complete.
  • Onsite - This service is available for desktop computer and printer problems. We will come to your office on scheduled days to perform service. (Limitations apply)
  • Priority Service - Priority service is available for most repairs. This ensures priority in diagnosing your problem. Ordering parts may delay the completion of repairs.