Guide: Video and Web Conferencing

Whether it's a meeting, office hours, or an interview, video conferencing can help you connect without the travel costs. Several options are available at Brown.

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More info: Getting started with Zoom Conferencing

Zoom web conferencing pro accounts are now available to students, faculty, and staff. Zoom offers video and audio conferencing, both cloud and local meeting recording, screen sharing by multiple participants, and collaborative whiteboards.  Zoom integrates with Google calendar, making it easy to schedule virtual meetings with one click.  


More info: Google Hangouts
Description: Web-based video chat with up to 15 people, including extra features

  • Great if you want to:
    • Meet with up to 15 people who have Gmail accounts (Brown,, or other Google Apps domains)
    • Collaborate on Google Docs
    • Do basic screen sharing (not full screen)
    • Have meetings that are either scheduled (in a calendar event) or spontaneous
    • Have an informal and collaborative meeting
  • Not a great option if you need to:
    • Meet with people who do not have Google accounts (you could call their phones, but not video chat)
    • Do extensive, detailed screen sharing
    • Interact with several people in the same room, unless they all call in from one computer.

      H.323 Video Conferencing

      More info: Polycom/Tandberg Video Conferencing

      • Great if you want to:
        • Meet with a group of people in a room with Polycom / Tandberg video conferencing equipment.
        • Take advantage of a higher resolution video broadcast, such as for a lab demonstration
      • Not a good option if you need to:
        • Get participants up and running quickly remotely or with loaner computers - it’s a software that needs to be installed

      Need More Help Deciding?

      • Contact us for consultation about video conferencing, demonstrations, and basic training.