Visiting Campus

  • You're welcome to use our Guest Wifi while you're on campus. If you're affiliated with a University using Eduroam, that's available too.

What Should Students Bring?

  • Before you buy any software, check if we offer it for free. A lot of software is available to students, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.
  • Bring software, receipts, and manuals for your electronics in case you need a repair or reinstallation.
  • Buying a computer? Dell and Apple are Brown's preferred vendors for personal computers; Dell and Apple computers under warrantee can be repaired at the Brown Bookstore. Guide: Buying a Computer 
  • We recommend that students do NOT bring a printer; printers are available in the computing labs. Students are provided with a printing credit at the beginning of the year and can add more money as needed.
  • Students can watch TV on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Hooking up a TV is less convenient. Learn about IPTV

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