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Data Privacy Day Champion logoData Privacy Day (DPD) is an annual international event held each year on January 28th to promote awareness about the many ways personal information is collected, stored, used, and shared. It is also an opportunity to provide education about privacy practices that will enable individuals to protect their personal information. It has many champions who partner with the National Cyber Security Alliance by educating their customers, citizens, employees and communities through events, activities and other methods.

CIS is proud to be one of those champions and has held a variety of events over the last few years in celebration that included seminars, workshops, Brown Bags and film screenings. For DPD 2019 CIS' Information Security Group (ISG) recommends starting with the overview provided by Online Privacy: How Did We Get Here, an eight minute video from PBS Digital Studios, then viewing the following videos, online events and resources.


Want to learn more about Data Privacy Day plus get a few tips? Watch this short video.

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The Power of Privacy is an unsettling but timely film, from partnering with the newspaper The Guardian.

In addition, we recommend three of the lectures from the course The Surveillance State, hosted by Professor Paul Rosenzweig of George Washington University Law School and available from Brown's video streaming service Kanopy.

Big Data’s Shadow (Episode 7)
The government and private industries are using a vast cache of information about each of us: our travel patterns, our web browsing habits, our purchasing preferences, and more. Efforts to decide upon and enact laws and policies trail behind new developments in technology, and this lecture examines the potential inherent in such deep and widespread data--as well as the threat it poses to privacy and anonymity.

Some Problems with Privacy  (Episode 8)
Because our privacy laws are so far behind today's technology, we need a modern conception of privacy that offers enough flexibility for national security, but that also protects against abuse. Here, reflect on the nature of privacy and consider the two extremes: a Panopticon world of total surveillance on the one hand, and complete invisibility on the other.

Your Personal Data Is the Product  (Episode 18)
Surveillance dilemmas also play a significant role in the commercial world, where private companies have amassed incredible amounts of data about us. Step into the intriguing world of commercial data aggregation and predictive analytics, and explore the complicated legal and ethical questions surrounding the commercial collection and use of data. 

Online Events

Data Privacy Day 2019 - A New Era in Privacy: The technology landscape is rapidly changing and is forging a new era in privacy. Presented by the National Cyber Security Alliance and privacy leaders with diverse perspectives, who will explain opportunities and challenges for the privacy road ahead. Recorded at LinkedIn HQ.


  • Event graphic with text: Data Privacy Day 2019, A New Era in PrivacyOpening Remarks
    Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance, and Kalinda Raina, Head of Global Privacy, Senior Director, LinkedIn
  • A New Era in Privacy
    GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act, among others have and will make great waves in privacy. Experts will bring the new privacy dynamic into focus and explain what it means for us.
    Moderator: Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance
    Jared Ho, Senior Attorney, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Federal Trade Commission
    Kalinda Raina, Head of Global Privacy, Senior Director, LinkedIn
    Karen Zacharia, Chief Privacy Officer, Verizon

  • Improving Your Company’s Privacy Posture
    With so many changes in the privacy ecosystem how can companies not only comply but break through as leaders in privacy? Viewers and attendees will learn these key takeaways and more.

  • TED-Style Talk: Security and Privacy in the Cloud
    Architecting for security and privacy in the cloud requires a shift in mindset and operations. Merritt will walk through some of the considerations as enterprises of all sizes and verticals find value in moving to the cloud. Now that cloud exists, entities must leverage the ability to architect for privacy and security in the cloud, else they are embracing a risk and cost profile that is not optimized.
    Presenter: Merritt Baer, Principal Security Architect, AWS Global Accounts

  • The Future of Privacy and Breakthrough Technologies
    Advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence to the human body acting as the computer interface, mean privacy will take on even greater significance. Experts will highlight why our actions now will drive tomorrow’s outcomes.
    Moderator: Kenesa Ahmad, Board Member and Co-Founder, Women in Security and Privacy

  • Closing Remarks
    Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance

EDUCAUSE logo and text: Elana Zeide PULSE Fellow in Artificial Intelligence, Law & Policy, UCLAArtificial Intelligence in Education: Legal Considerations and Ethical Questions: presented by Elana Zeide, PULSE Fellow in Artificial Intelligence, Law & Policy at UCLA School of Law
This webinar covers the benefits and limitations of the emerging technologies of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, as well as related legal obligations related to privacy, data protection, equal protection, and discrimination law. It will focus on ethical questions raised by the use of AI tools in education, highlighting various concerns and principles raised by the government, advocates, academics, and learning-science practitioners.


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