Principles of Data Protection

Brown University is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of individuals’ personal data. In order to conduct its business, provide services, and discharge its responsibilities to students, employees, applicants, alumni, and others, the University collects, creates, transmits, processes, shares with third parties, and stores a wide variety of personal data.

Personal data is information relating to an individual’s personal identity and includes name; government-issued identification number (Social Security number, state ID, etc.); address or other location data; account information and transaction details; online identities such as email or IP addresses; phone numbers; and images.

The University takes appropriate measures to protect personal data stored in the University’s systems. The Data Governance Advisory Group is charged with developing guidelines for ensuring that data is protected and used only for the purposes for which it is intended. Adherence to these guidelines is the responsibility of Brown University’s Data Trustees and Stewards, as well as offices, organizations, system administrators, and individuals across the University to ensure personal data is stored securely, used only for legitimate purposes, and not shared inappropriately.

Collectively, the following policies, notices, practices, and procedural documents describe Brown's privacy principles for gathering, storing, and using personal data:

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Effective Date: December 11, 2018