Alternate Email Address Requirements

  1. Alternate email addresses must begin and end with a letter or number.
  2. The minimum length for an alternate email address is two (2) characters; the maximum length is forty (40) characters. This does not include the appended '', however.
  3. Blank spaces are not allowed, whether at the beginning, end or anywhere in between.
  4. Any address entered will be checked for uniqueness. Those belonging to someone else, whether a NetID, ShortID or alternate email address, will not be allowed. 
    NOTE: A person retains ownership of their NetID and ShortID for up to six months after dropping from the EAB. During this time, no one else may use those IDs. Alternate email addresses, however, are instantly available after being deleted or a person's record drops from the EAB.
  5. All addresses will be checked for appropriateness.
    • Use common sense and respect others.
    • Names used to assume another identity are not acceptable. An attempt to steal someone else's identity through this service may result in disciplinary action.
    • Using an offensive name or word is not acceptable. Any address which contains an obscene or vulgar word (as determined by the Merriam-Webster or equivalent), or would be found to be strongly repulsive to most individuals cannot be used.
    • Copyrighted names (such as television or movie characters) or expressions are not allowed.