Virtru Email Encryption Available at Brown

Sending a confidential email? Try Virtru.

Starting today, students, staff, and Brown-paid faculty can send encrypted email to any address using Virtru. When sending encrypted email, you can also prevent a forwarded email from being read, set a read expiration, and revoke the ability to read an email after it is sent. Email recipients do not need to install Virtru to read or respond to your email.

Most members of the Brown community don’t need to encrypt every email. After you install the Virtru extension, you’ll see a slider on top of your compose window so you can toggle encryption on and off for each email.

Please remember that certain information should never be emailed even if encrypted. The "When to Use Virtru" section below covers some use cases.

Ways to Use Virtru

How to Get Started

Please see our article, Get Started with Encrypted Email (Virtru).

Questions? Check out our FAQ.

Virtru does not protect your email if someone is able to steal or guess your password. For this reason, we recommend enabling Two-Step Verification for your Google account.

When to Use Virtru

Even with encryption, there’s still information that you shouldn’t send by email. The following are some examples of when you should and shouldn’t send information. If you’re not sure, we invite you to consult with the Information Security Group about your use case at

Some examples of information that’s OK to email with encryption:

  • Personally identifiable information (PII) that does not include a full social security number (for example: name, birthday, and address)
  • An Excel spreadsheet with names and Brown or Banner IDs of Brown community members
  • Concerns about academic performance, such as communication between a faculty member and a student

Some examples of information that’s NOT OK to email, even with encryption:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Student grades
  • Information that may cause legal issues - encrypted email is still legally discoverable

Virtru Demos

We will be hosting the following sessions. You can register for these on LearningPoint, and you are also welcome to drop in. Feel free to bring a laptop if you’d like to set up Virtru after the demo.

  • 6/13, 1pm (WebEx - link)
  • 6/15, 11am (85 Waterman St., room 015)
  • 6/20, 1pm (CIT 165)
  • 6/28, 10am (Faunce Room 225)
  • 6/29, 2pm (CIT 269 - computer lab)

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