Saving Energy Over Winter Break

Want to help Brown stay green over winter break? Here are some tips.

As we all leave for the holidays, many of Brown’s buildings will be empty. Even if buildings are not occupied, they can still use and waste a lot of electricity.

Climate Action League (a student group dedicated to sustainable initiatives on campus), in collaboration with CIS, has made this list of easy steps to make sure your building saves energy while you are home for the holidays!


Steps to save energy over winter break

  • Unplug all electronics EXCEPT for fridges and scientific equipment (if applicable)
    Plugged-in electronics still use electricity even if they’re turned off!

    • Computers (unless you need to remote into your computer from home)
    • Printers and copiers that will not be used by anyone over the break
    • Televisions or cable boxes
    • Digital sign monitors
    • Microwaves, coffee makers
    • Chargers for all electronics
  • Turn off the heat: lower the thermostat to 50°F or turn off the radiator completely

  • Clean out the fridge

  • Take out the trash and recycling

  • Close windows (and storm windows) and keep blinds open
    Keeping blinds open allows for natural heating by capturing heat in the room

  • Turn off the lights

Thank you for participating in these environmental initiatives and we wish everyone a restful and sustainable break!  

Feature photo credit: Tony Webster on Flickr

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