New Google Features, August 2018

On Tuesday, August 14th, three new features will become available in your Brown Google account. Here’s what you need to know.


New Gmail

The New Gmail has several new features as well as a cleaner design. If you have a personal Gmail account, you might be using it already. On August 14th, you will be able to opt in with your Brown account. Starting on September 18th, all accounts will be automatically converted to the New Gmail on a rolling basis, with the ability to opt out until October 16th.

What are the advantages? Besides the clean look, you’ll get some exciting new features, including the ability to snooze emails, reminders to follow up on emails, suggested Smart Replies to help you respond more quickly, and easier offline use. Certain features available in accounts are not yet available for domains like ours, such as confidential mode. You can find more details at the following links.

Team Drive

Until now, everything that you’ve created in Google Drive has lived in a place called “My Drive.” Starting on August 14th, you’ll see a second place to create content: Team Drive. Team Drive is designed to help groups collaborate. All content of a Team Drive folder is owned by the team instead of an individual, and the same people have consistent permissions to all content in the folder.

Though Team Drive has advantages, it may or may not be a good fit for your use case. We recommend reading our article to understand if it meets your needs.


New Google Sites

Google’s new version of Sites, called “New Sites,” show up in your Google Drive, giving you a consistent experience across Google products. While the New Sites has some compelling features, like a cleaner design that is mobile-friendly, it may be missing some features you currently use on your site. For example, the New Sites doesn’t allow you to customize templates, doesn’t have list or announcement page types, and doesn’t support page-level permissions. The comparison article from Google, Compare classic Sites & new Sites, shows the differences between versions. There is a conversion tool but you may lose some features if you convert a classic site; here’s what to expect.


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