Graduating Students: Changes to Your Services

Are you graduating this month? If so, congratulations!

Here’s information about how your Brown accounts and access will change during this exciting transition. (If you’re continuing on at Brown in another role, like staff or a graduate program, your experience will vary - please refer to the link at the bottom of this email for details.)

Please be cautious about other emails you may receive related to accounts and graduation. In past years, we’ve seen scam messages targeted at graduating students saying that an account will be closed unless action is taken.

You’re part of the Brown community forever! Your Brown username and password are still your key to online tools and services. The services will change, but you will access them the same way.

Lifetime Brown Email

  • Your email account will be renamed to @ on June 12th. After this happens, just make sure you log in as Your Google password stays the same.
    Email addressed to your account will go to your account for three months after your email address changes. After that, messages will bounce back to the sender.
  • Action needed: (Starting June 12) Add your post-Brown contact info to your profile to hear about alumni events near you, plus Brown news!
  • Action needed: (Starting June 12) Did you set up any online accounts with your address? If so, update these accounts in the three months after June 12 to use or a personal address of your choice.

Changes to Online Services

  • On June 3rd, student services such as card access, wifi, software, and VPN will stop working. For a more comprehensive list, see the link below.
  • Action needed: (Starting now) Save files from your Adobe Creative Cloud storage, Dropbox, and your network home folder before June 3rd, if you used these services. You can put them in your Google Drive, since that follows you after graduation.
  • Your access to online alumni services will be turned on in late June. To use services like selected library eResources, the Brown Alumni Job Board, and the Alumni Directory, just log in to

More Information

For details, please see


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