Goodbye PAWPrints, hello MyPrint!

All printers that were part of Brown’s student printing system, PAWPrints, have been converted to a new system, MyPrint.

We’ve appreciated all of your feedback about printing over the years and believe this new system will be much easier to use.

Here are some of the improvements:

  • Print from mobile devices (iOS and Android phones and tablets)
  • Just swipe your card at the release station - no need to log in too
  • Set up the printer on your computer more easily
  • Pay less than PAWPrints when printing double-sided color pages or printing documents that include both black and white and color pages
  • Print in more locations (more information coming in the fall)

How to use MyPrint

Just like with PAWPrints, you can send your documents to the printer by email, on the web, from your computer, and from a computer lab. Please note that your print job will only be available at the release station for 24 hours, then it will disappear from your queue.

* These instructions only send documents to the printers that were formerly part of PAWPrints, not to other MyPrint printers in staff offices.

See all instructions at

What do you think?

We realize that most students are not on campus using the printers over the summer, so we’ll remind you about this change in the fall. If you do get a chance to try the system over the summer, we’d love to hear your feedback at

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