Banner INB Upgrade

On Saturday, November 17, Banner INB (the administrative side of Banner) will be upgraded from version 8 to 9.

This information only applies to faculty and staff who use Banner INB, not students who use Self-Service Banner.

Among other improvements, the new version provides a modernized user interface, removes the dependency on Internet Explorer and Java Run-Time Environment, and simplifies the upgrade process for system administrators. 

To ease the transition, both versions will be available for several weeks, though you are encouraged to begin using the new version as soon as available.


Banner Admin Pages (version 9) (available starting 11/17/2018)

Banner INB (version 8) 

More Information About Banner 9

See the knowledge base article Banner 9 Upgrade for:

  • new browser requirements
  • authentication changes
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • video tutorial
  • other helpful information.

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