Zoom email notifications that guest has joined your meeting

The following email is an example of a legitimate Zoom notification that a guest in waiting in your personal meeting room, though because you may not recognize the name, nor have a meeting scheduled until the next day, it might appear to be phishing and it prompts two questions: How did I get this suspicious but real notification from Zoom, and what can I do about it?

Meeting notifications are prompted when someone logs into Zoom, clicks Join, then enters a Meeting ID character string. A guest could mis-enter a number, or might be entering random strings to try "jiggling virtual knobs" of different rooms to see what they might find.Either case would result in a meeting notification like the one below.

As to what you can can do, if you feel someone has your meeting ID who shouldn't, you can change the ID by logging into brown.zoom.us, navigate to Profile > Personal Meeting ID > Edit, then enter your new ten numeral string and save. (Just remember to update the meeting ID of previously scheduled meetings using the old number.)

You can also update your Zoom settings to add a Waiting Room or Passcode now, or wait until September 27 when Zoom will require that ALL meetings have one or the other. See the article Zoom Security Setting Change on September 27, 2020 to read more about how this change should enhance security and improve meeting management and CIS' recommendations.

If you have questions, the IT Service Center is here to help (help@brown.edu.) If you’d like a consultation on your Zoom settings, you may book one here http://brown.edu/go/zoom-review-session.

From: "Zoom" <no-reply@zoom.us>
Subject: ✨ Valen y Angy ✨ has joined your Sala de reuniones personales de Josiah Carberry
Date: August 31, 2020 at 9:01:11 AM EDT
To: josiah_carberry@brown.edu


Hi Josiah Carberry,
✨ Valen y Angy ✨ has joined your Personal Meeting Room.

[ Start Meeting ]
Thank you for choosing Zoom.
-The Zoom Team

Example of Zoom notification; screenshot of above email

Legitimate Email

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