Your Order Has Been Confirmed! Serial no.PRCA4847_6951

From: Pam C Justice <>
Date: Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 10:01 AM
Subject: Your Order Has Been Confirmed! Serial no.PRCA4847_6951
To: <>


Your 1 year Services came to an end yesterday, therefore we have deducted 490 USD from your registered account with us and have renewed your services successfully in your computer.

We have charged you because you have agreed to pay 490 USD for your computer services every year until cancelled.

Serial no.PRCA4847_6951
Payment Method: Auto Debit
Mode: Online
Timeline: 12 months
Invoice Total: 490 USD for computer.

This service comes without any obligation, you can call and cancel within 24 hrs and you have the rights to claim refund.

Shane V Garcia

If you have questions or concerns. Call us.
(8,0,0) [Rest of phone number removed]
(7,7,9) [Rest of phone number removed]

This is an auto generated email so don’t reply to this email only you can call for any assistance on the number above.

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