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10/16 11:31am

These emails from Academic Debt Solutions may look real but don't be fooled by them. Rather than to click on a link, a phish may direct you to call a phone number, fill out a form, or open an attachment and still be just as phony. A quick look up of their website shows that even though created a few web pages, the phone number on it does not match the two different ones provided in the email nor does it provide any other contact information. A check of the address given in the email seems to indicate that the company is headquartered in a UPS.

From: "Borrower Support" <casey>
Subject: Cynthia, please verify
Date: October 16, 2015 at 11:02:17 AM EDT
To: <xxx_xxxx>
Reply-To: casey

Your account has not yet been confirmed.

[Academic Debt Solutions]

Dear Cynthia Eriksson,

Our offices have received your Student Loan Forgiveness eligibility information, and your results indicate that you may qualify for payment reduction or elimination. However, our records show that we still have not received your confirmation call. This final step is required to verify your account before submitting an application.

Please call (844) 238-8155 if you would like to apply for Student Loan Forgiveness.

Thank you,

Academic Debt Solutions | Borrower Support
(844) 238-8155

From: "Casey Schaffer" <casey>
Subject: Your application was accepted
Date: October 9, 2015 at 11:03:14 AM EDT
To: <xxxxx_xxxx>
Reply-To: casey

Dear Cynthia Eriksson,

Your Student Debt Forgiveness application has been accepted by our department. This means you are a potential candidate for student loan payment reductions.

Our customer support rep would like to get on the phone with you to discuss (only takes a few minutes), so please call 855-206-0524 at your earliest convenience. 

 Thank you,

Casey Schaffer | Customer Support
855-206-0524 (6am-6pm PT)

[Academic Debt Solutions]

From: Casey Schaffer <casey>
Date: Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 11:18 AM
To: xxx_xxxx

[Academic Debt Solutions]

Xxx Xxxx:

This is a reminder that you may need to take action to verify your student loan information, in order to start a Forgiveness application with our office.

Recently we notified you of student loan payment reductions available to qualified borrowers. It is important to complete the verification step to determine if we can apply these reductions to your account.

TO VERIFY: Call (844) 238-8155
- Offices close at 6pm PT - 

Academic Debt Solutions | Casey Schaffer |
Toll free customer support line: (844) 238-8155 (hours 6am - 6pm PST)

This message was sent to xxx_xxxx from:

Casey Schaffer | | Casey Schaffer | You are receiving this email because you submitted an inquiry about student debt relief online - this is an advertisement for student debt relief services. 5405 Alton Parkway Ste A-214 | Irvine, CA 92604

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