Update and enhancements to Brown’s VPN service

CIS made a change on April 12 to further expand access to electronic services for Brown community members and collaborators via the VPN, even without installing CrowdStrike for Home for personally-owned computers or CrowdStrike Falcon for Brown-owned computers. The following rules now apply for VPN access:

  • In order to access the VPN, all users must have reset their Brown password on or after Tuesday, April 6.
  • Those with the CrowdStrike software (CrowdStrike Falcon on Brown-owned equipment or CrowdStrike for Home) installed on their Windows machines or running a non-Windows OS will have full access to all VPN services, including files.brown.edu and lrs.brown.edu. This is the same level of access you would have had prior to CIS implementing any VPN compliance checks.
  • Those running Windows without CrowdStrike software installed, will have access to everything except:
  •  >> Direct access to file servers, i.e., files.brown.edu.
  •  >> Department specific services (i.e., Engineering, Health Services). This level of access is only granted to specific user groups who are likely either aware of this special access, or who will receive direct communications about this change from their departments.

Brown is providing tools to our user community which should further help to protect our electronic resources and help ensure that Brown’s services and network are not put at risk.

You can also protect yourself and Brown by turning on dual authentication (two-step) for your Google account, which adds a second layer of security for your Gmail and Google Drive files.

For more details on CrowdStrike and its installation, see the April 9th campus communication, Expanded access to electronic services for the Brown community.

If you need assistance, please reach out to the IT Service Center.

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