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There have been several reports of emails from "aSuggestion", a service that allows the anonymous sharing of ideas with designated organizations (a kind of anonymous suggestion box). The service is legitimate, but as its website explains, "It's entirely possible that your first exposure to aSuggestion came through the arrival of an unexpected message in your inbox." If the message is unwanted, we recommend handling it as you would similar emails.

The following is an example of a typical email from  

From: <info>
Date: Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 11:39 AM
Subject: Someone shared a comment with you on aSuggestion
To: <Brown addresses >

Good day,

Someone you know has shared a comment, thought, or suggestion with you using aSuggestion. You might like to know who posted the comment but, bear in mind, you may have never heard this feedback if the author was forced to share it directly. Take a moment, clear your mind, and appreciate this feedback for what it's worth.

When you're done with this suggestion, poke around and offer one of your own! Enjoy using the system.

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Happy Shadowing!

Life Improved,
Team aSuggestion

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If You Feel You've Received This Message In Error, Please Contact Us And We'll Remove You From The System.

This email was sent by: aSuggestion LLC  Box 134. 1435 East Main St. Torrington, CT  06790
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