Reporting in Cognos Analytics on Banner ODS data is currently unavailable

We are aware of a problem with Banner ODS reporting. The nightly Banner ODS refresh was delayed and is still running during business hours. Reporting in Cognos Analytics on Banner ODS data is currently unavailable. 

This means you will not be able run reports against the following Cognos Analytics packages until the Banner ODS Refresh completes:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Admission
  • Continuing Education
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Proposal
  • Course Proposal (Departmental)
  • Event Scheduling (only certain query subjects include ODS data)
  • Faculty
  • Faculty Appointments (course offering data)
  • Financial Aid
  • GSIM
  • GSIM Post 2015
  • Recruitment
  • Registration Override Requests
  • Student
  • Student (Departmental)

Please note, Cognos is not down and reporting is available for other data sources. We anticipate the Banner ODS refresh will complete around 10:30 AM. We will notify you when Banner ODS reporting is available in Cognos Analytics.  

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