Phony LinkedIn emails that try to snag your CV

In this phishing scheme, scammers send emails impersonating LinkedIn, to try luring you to a fake website where you would download your CV. Though the website has been removed, similar phishing schemes continue and it provides a good example of what to avoid.

Like many phishing emails, this one has a few tell-tale signs that careful readers should be able to spot: the email sender address has nothing to do with LinkedIn nor is it addressed to the recipient, it creates a sense of urgency, typos and other missing design elements usually contained in LinkedIn emails.

LinkedIn provides other examples and how to report them.Total Defense warns of three job scams to be aware of.

You can view a sample email and more details on this phish at Heimdahl Security's alert Job Seekers, Beware of this LinkedIn Scam.

Phishing Email (in the wild)

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