Phone Scam: Printer "Verification"

Beware of suspicious calls from someone pressuring you for information about a department printer. Once the scammer has reeled you in, you could end up with an order of overpriced toner or pegged as a victim for later phishing attempts. The following incident was reported earlier today and typifies a printer scam call.

I received a phone call from a man who didn't provide a name, but who claimed to be calling from "Verification Report" (or "Verification Report Services") for Brown. There was nothing particularly distinctive about his voice. The phone number came up blocked; it showed on the display as four letters, but unfortunately I don't recall what they were exactly. He knew my name and department and asked me to provide the model number for the printer in our office. I was immediately suspicious, so asked him for a number where I could call him back. He refused to give me a call back number and said that he would hold. I lied that I had to go into a meeting, asked for a number, he again refused to provide me with one, and said that one of his employees would call me back later.

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Other resources: Brown's Office Equipment Program and its toner order directions; FTC article on unordered merchandise; Snopes



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