Payment invoice no ---- MK4282XC

From: sam wil <>
Date: Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 2:13 PM
Subject: Payment invoice no ---- MK4282XC
To: <>

Respected CUSTOMER

we are delighted to announce that your services for noton HAS been auto update with unlimited package of protection again  all the malware AND spam ware on your P.C.

norton security just acts like a vaccine for YOUR system preventing the system against all the suspicious threats .

we wish to inform yo the details for your order as WE believe in transparency

INVOICE I.D    |  MK4282XC
Order date     |  26/08/2021
Price          |  431.41  USD
PAYMENT method |  Auto - debited

please feel free to stop by ON within next 60 days.

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