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Special offers for Brown students are periodically reported, such as the following example and others found here. Please mark any you might receive as phishing.

From: Car Dealership Notice <info>
Date: Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 9:26 AM
Subject: New Car Deals for Brown Students
To:  Xxxxx Xxxxxxx

Summer Special: New Cars Available for Brown Students


Car dealerships are desperately trying to GET RID of their cars to
make room for next years models. Now is the perfect time to get
yourself a new car to get you to and from campus.

Get Your New Car Today!

To see these crazy deals please select the model
that you are most interested in:

Compact Vehicles

Honda Civic
Toyota Corolla
Ford Focus
Nissan Altima
Chevy Cruze


Honda Accord
Ford Fusion
Hyundai Elantra
Honda CR-V
Ford Escape


Ford F-Series
Chevy Silverado
Dodge Ram
GMC Sierra
Toyota Tacoma
Nissan Titan

Hundreds of Other Models to Choose From - All With the Same Low Prices
Choose Your Vehicle Here

Enjoy your new car

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