Healthy At Work: Your test results are available!

From: PWNHealth Clinical Support <>
Date: October 30, 2020 at 1:00:53 PM EDT
Subject: Healthy At Work: Your test results are available!


Your test results are available!

You can now access the results of the lab testing you did with Healthy At Work. You will need to enter your date of birth to confirm your identity.

Patient Name: Josiah Carberry

Requisition Number: 12345678


Healthy At Work has partnered with PWNHealth to provide you with convenient access to diagnostic lab testing.

An excerpt from a statement from COVID-19 Testing Team regarding PWNHealth:

In the past, you should have received an email from with your test results after performing a routine COVID-19 test at the OMAC or One Davol Square testing facilities.

Recently, PWN Health - a healthcare vendor that works with Verily on clinical evaluation of the test results - began emailing test results as well.

We have heard from Verily that, in the future, you should be receiving two emails on your test results - one from Verily ( and one from PWN Health ( [see below for an example]

Please be aware of a sender’s email address and exercise caution when clicking links - we have received limited reports of phishing emails that look like they are from Verily asking for personal information. While these reports have not been widespread, we encourage all community members to follow safe practices and not respond to testing emails that are not from Verily, PWN Health, or Brown.

You can find additional guidance in the following Phish Bowl post:

Example email:

Screenshot of above email

Legitimate Email

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