Great staff of Brown university

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Date: Thu, Dec 23, 2021 at 6:58 AM
Subject: Great staff of Brown university
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Hello Great staff, wishing you merry Christmas in advance, Enjoy your Christmas in good spirit and make sure to treasure the best of moment in clicks. I hope you resume back from the holidays feeling ore refreshed. BROWN UNIVERSITY and CHRISTINA PAXSON has provided a 1000$ for all great staff in Brown University doing wonderfully well.

Brown University and the authorities are using this medium to appreciate All staff in Brown university to keep them alive in good works Christina PAXSON provided and fought for all staffs for this opportunity to have a great Christmas and enjoy it with the amount mentioned..

To be eligible and confirmed that you are bona fide staff of brown university.

Provide this to the email or the number sent to you.
Full name ,
Email ,

NOTE: Obey to all instructions , No Rude reply to avoid report of such Brunonian to the appropriate university authorities. 

Wishing all Staff a wonderful Christmas in advance 

From CHRISTINA PAXSON in remembrance of our great founder 

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