Google Sync, Dropbox, and wired network changes

As of April 19, CIS has restored two important file sync services:

  • Google Drive for Desktop (also known as Google Drive File Stream/GDFS)

Any users of these services should now be able to login and use them on any device.

In addition, we have begun work on some changes which will affect any users of Windows computers on the Brown wired network. This will restore access to all users to data stored on central files services such as and 

As this change is rolled out across the campus network this week, it will affect how Windows computers are treated when connecting to the wired network. Any Windows computer with a CrowdStrike security agent installed, as well as all Mac and Linux computers, will receive their regular network connection when using the wired network. However, any Windows computer connected to the wired network without a CrowdStrike security agent installed will be placed on a restricted campus network, regardless of their location when connected. Windows computers without CrowdStrike will not have access to central file services, and may also not have access to some specialized departmental services.

When these changes are completed later this week, we will be ready to restore direct access to central file services for computers on the wired network.

If you do need to use these services on Brown’s wired network using a Windows computer, including central file storage:

Please contact your IT support staff for further help.

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