Google Suite Phone Scam

Over the years, the Phish Bowl has posted a lot of different phone scams, with the latest being a variation on the tech help one. 

In this scam, the caller attempt to get their targeted victim to agreement to update Google Suite for "improved protection on their account."  When the individual suggested contacting Brown's OIT department first, the caller insisted that they must deal directly with the person they were talking to. A further reiteratation to connect with OIT first, so that the suggested "update" can be vetted and then shared with the Brown community, resulted in the scammer hanging up.

In this case, the scam artist used tried-and-true sales techniques to attempt to pressure the person on the other end of the call to relent. If you are unable to get a suspicious caller to hang up, it's best to do so yourself.

In addition, visit Avoid and report Google scams to learn how to report Google-related scams.

Phishing Email (on campus)

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