Expanded access to electronic services for the Brown community

We can now offer a way for everyone in the Brown community to connect to our VPN and access services, such as files stored on files.brown.edu, research systems, and labs. This extends to all faculty, students, staff, and affiliated community members with Sponsored IDs.

  • You must have reset your Brown password on or after Tuesday, April 6.

  • If you use a Windows computer, you must install our CrowdStrike for Home software on a personally-owned computer, or have CrowdStrike Falcon installed on a Brown-owned computer. Note that you need to restart your computer and wait about 20 minutes before trying to access Brown services.

  • If you use a Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you do not need CrowdStrike at this time.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to connect to our VPN to access files stored on our central files.brown.edu service and other needed services.

CrowdStrike for Home is a lightweight version of the CrowdStrike Falcon agent, with next generation antivirus and antimalware protections. As a Home version, it provides this protection without granting Brown or CrowdStrike any access to your personal computer, only sharing metadata with the vendor that is similar to any other antivirus/antimalware product. For general information about CrowdStrike for Home, please see their Home Use FAQ

Note, if you previously installed Brown's CloudStrike Falcon product on your personally-owned computer, we will have a way to help you remove it and install CrowdStrike for Home. Please contact the IT Service Center and let them know the name of your computer, and they will reach out within a few days to assist. For now, CloudStrike Falcon will give you the access you need.

In addition, if you already use RemoteApp to use software applications from Brown, our RemoteApp service is also now available, but it does now have an extra two-factor verification step that needs your interaction. You can learn more from our help articles:

If you need assistance, please reach out to the IT Service Center.

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