DocuSign Phishing Emails (digital signing service hacked)

The digital signing service DocuSign reported that they'd been hacked by an unnamed third-party, who got access to email addresses of its users, which in turn were used to phish others.

If you are a DocuSign user and have questions about the incident, we recommend you read this FAQ prepared by DocuSign. Everyone should be aware of possible phishing emails supposedly from DocuSign. Below is an example, which was reported at Brown earlier this week.

While only email addresses were gathered, and not personal information, a threat remains. The article DocuSign Confirms Hack And The Stolen Data Could Put You At Risk points out that the "problem now is that cybercriminals have a way to refine their attacks against a large group of people. People who do business online. People who exchange contract documents and complete transaction processes digitally. In short, the kind of people who cybercriminals love to spearphish."

The bottomline is, look for the typical warning signs of phony emails (misspellings, unknown or incorrect sender's address) and don't click any links in DocuSign emails. If you normally receive DocuSign emails, check with the sender directly to verify the email.

See Breach at DocuSign Led to Targeted Email Malware Campaign for more details.

From: Caleb Stephenson via DocuSign <dse>
Date: Mon, May 15, 2017 at 10:46 AM
Subject: Completed - Accounting Invoice 745814 Document Ready for Signature
To:  [ Brown address ]

Your document has been completed


  [ Brown address ]

All parties have completed [E] - Accounting Invoice 745814 Document Ready for Signature.

Please review and sign your [E] Accounting Invoice 745814 via DocuSign by clicking on the "Review Document" button above.  Signing will not be complete until you have reviewed the agreement and confirmed your signature.  Please make sure to fill out the TaxID if you are requesting for credit terms.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

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If you need to modify the document or have questions about the details in the document, please reach out to the sender by emailing them directly or replying to this email

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