Data Collection Research (Prof S Michalopoulos)

Unsolicited employment opportunities from what looks like a familiar name--especially those asking for information like your phone number--are probably phishing from an impostor address, like in the following example. Checking the full headers revealed the true sender of this email (shown in the footer at end of this post).

From: Professor Stelios Michalopoulos <>*
Date: Sun, Oct 3, 2021 at 9:43 PM
Subject: Data Collection Research
To: <>

Hello Josiah Carberry
Work in an Interdisciplinary research project collecting data online and earn $250 weekly. This is an adaptable job that requires little to no prior experience. Provide  the  information below to indicate interest and you'll receive a follow up email detailing specifics.
Full Name:
Cell #:  
Alternate email:
Stelios Michalopoulos
Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
Brown University

* The full header details reveal the actual sender:
From: Professor Stelios Michalopoulos <>
Reply-To: Professor Stelios Michalopoulos <>
To: "" <>
Subject: Data Collection Research

Phishing Email (on campus)

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